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Advanced Fields

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Advanced fields provide a wide range of options for requesting contact data from your submitters (name, email, address, phone, website), as well as other information, such as date, time or price.

You can also embed images, Google maps or HTML blocks and invite your submitters to upload files.

advanced form fields

a) Name. This field is specially designed to request a person’s first and last name. Label it, then select the Label Style (bold, normal, italic), check the Required box to make sure visitors type in their names and add any necessary Instructions. You can additional subfields to the field: Title, Initials and Middle Name

b) Address. This field asks for the visitor’s physical address. You can Label it, choose its Style, customize it, specify whether it is a Required field, add Instructions and hide certain subfields or set only some of them as required. In terms of structure, you may opt for one of the five available options:

  • All
  • United States
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom

The first option contains two Street Address lines, separate text boxes for City, Region and Postal/Zip code and a Default Country dropdown. If you choose any of the other available options, the Region or State subfield is replaced with a dropdown that contains all the available states/provinces/regions of the selected country. You cannot edit the dropdown, but you can opt to show or hide certain subfields.

c) Phone. Phone fields are structured into three boxes with space for 3-3-4 characters. This field only accepts numeric values.For fields with a specific type of validation, visitors will get an error message if they provide other types of values than the indicated ones.
Phone field

d) Date. This field requires visitors to enter a date (birthday, delivery date etc.)

  • label and style the field
  • use the Required box to make sure visitors specify a date and add, if necessary, Instructions
  • choose the Date Format – either mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy
  • when filling in the date, visitors may type it or click on the icon that appears next to the field; this will open a calendar that allows going through days, months and years
  • show or hide the date picker from your submitters.
  • put the start day of the week on sunday or monday.
Date field
Advanced Date Field

If you click on the Advanced link, a new panel will show up. Here, you can establish the dates that you are going to accept.

You can choose to validate only certain days of the week. Simply check or uncheck any of the seven days. Another condition that can be established is for the accepted period to start in 1, 2.. 90 days. Select Today + x days in the dropdown list.

When you enable advanced options for the Date field, be sure to provide field instructions, in order to let form users know that there is a validation condition that needs to be respected.

Time field

e) Time. Time fields require visitors to enter time coordinates, by specifying – in separate boxes – the hour and the minutes and choosing between AM and PM in a dropdown list if the 12 hour clock option is selected.Time fields work very well with Event Registration Forms (asking for guests’ expected time of arrival), with order forms (asking for preferred delivery time interval) or even with Surveys (asking for opinions concerning working hours). You may use the Time Format dropdown to switch between the 12 or 24 hour clock format.

f) Price. Ask visitors to specify a price by using this customized field.

  • after labeling and styling the field, choose your desired Currency (dollars, euros, pounds and many other options)
  • you may use the Hide price decimals checkbox to ask for a round price
price field

g) HTML Blocks. HTML blocks may be used for inserting customized text sections, images and tables.

  • click on the Edit HTML Block link to open the customization lightbox
  • type in text and use the following customization options: font type and size, font style (bold, italic, underlined), foreground and background color, text alignment (left, right, center, justified)
  • insert ordered or unordered lists, apply text indentation and use sub- or superscription
  • when inserting tables, specify the number of rows and columns, the table width, padding and background color, the border size, style and color and the type of alignment; then, insert text or images into the table cells
  • when inserting an image, paste its URL in the customization box or upload it from your device, type in an alternate text (the text that will show if the image is unavailable at a certain moment), then adjust the image layout: width, height, border, alignment and the horizontal and vertical space covered by the image section; finally, press Submit
  • when inserting hyperlinks, paste the URL, choose a target (_blank to open the link in a new tab, _self to open the link in the same frame, _parent to open it in the same frameset, _top to open it as a new page that fills the entire window)
  • Style, Class and Name are HTML/CSS fields in which you may introduce code lines
  • insert horizontal rules by using the last customization option in the HTML block lightbox


h) File Upload. Upload fields allow visitors to upload different types of files.

  • label and style the field, then add any necessary instructions
  • the supported file types for upload are: .3gp, .ai, .avi, .bmp, .cat, .cdr, .cod, .cpt, .csv, .dcm, .doc, .docx, .dpt, .dwg, .dxf, .eps, .exp, .flv, .gif, .hwp, .ico, .iges, .igs, .ipt, .jpeg, .jpg, .kit, .kmz, .m4a, .mdl, .mobi, .mod, .mov, .mp3, .mp4, .mpeg4, .msg, .oad, .oadx, .odt, .ogg, .org, .ott, .pdf, .png, .pps, .ppsx, .ppt, .pptx, .prt, .psd, .pub, .rar, .rtf, .slddrw, .sldprt, .step, .stf, .stl, .stl, .stp, .stp, .tif, .tiff, .txt, .wav, .wmv, .wpd, .wps, .x_t, .xls, .xlsx, .zip
  • the maximum size of the files that can be uploaded is 150MB per field
  • if the total size of the uploaded files exceeds 5MB, instead of being sent as attachments, they will be sent as direct download links
  • File Upload fields cannot be embedded with Inline HTML, the reason why the option will not be available in Get code & Publish. We recommend, in turn, to use Javascript or IFrame.
  • You may allow your form visitors to upload multiple files on your form. Read more in our documentation.
file upload field


i) Google Maps. Google Maps can be integrated with your form to provide precise details concerning a specific location. Press the Customize Map link and type the location coordinates in the customization lightbox. Set the map width, height and zoom and click on the Update Map Preview button to view changes. You can also opt for a static or an interactive map. Google Maps are highly useful and appealing when used with event registration forms. You can use the Google map to send coordinates to either a short text or long text field, or to populate the Address field with the location information of the place you pinged on the map.

interactive google map ></a></div>
<p> </p>
<div class=
j) Images. You can use images to personalize your form. Click on the Customize Image link and specify the image URL or upload an image from your computer. Use the Align dropdown to position your image: left, right or center.


social buttons
k) Social Buttons. By adding Social Buttons to your forms, you’ll make it very easy for your form visitors to recommend your form on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn by adding a like or share it on their Facebook and LinkedIn feeds. After you’ve added the Social Buttons field to your form, click on it in the main view of your editor to open the Edit panel.Place the social icons to the left or right side of your form by selecting your preferred option in the Align dropdown list. Select, in the Buttons section, the social network icons that you want displayed within your form. If the Show count option is ticked, then the number of likes, +1’s, tweets and LinkedIn recommendations gathered by your form will be shown right next to the social buttons. Untick the option if you don’t want these counts to be public. In case you want to share a different link, tick Use custom link and provide the URL you want.

l) Page Break. Add page breaks to build multi-page forms. Users will navigate through form pages using Next Page and Previous buttons and a progress bar will be placed at form top. Read more about page breaks and multi-page forms.

terms of service field
m) T.O.S. Add Terms of Service (T.O.S) fields to your online forms if you want to alert form visitors of certain terms they need to agree to before submission.

  • Add links to the field text.
  • Change the behavior of the link.
  • Edit the terms that appear when the link is clicked.
  • Set the width and height of the popup where the terms are displayed.

n) Star Rating. You can add a Star Rating field to your form to collect feedback from your form visitors. You can set from 3 up to 10 stars to appear in the field.

o) Password. Add a password field to your form if you want to secure the input provided by your form visitor. Each character is replaced by a bullet while the form visitor types in the input box. Be advised that we do restrict the use of password fields in certain scenarios, as explained in our terms of service.

electronic signature
p) Signature. You can add an e-signature to the form that records calligraphic signatures from your form visitors. All that it requires is a mouse or a touchpad. You can also set the complexity of the signature from low to complex, depending on your needs. The Signature field is expressed with no warranty for compliance with state laws. The form visitor is responsible for the provided signature, as is stated in our terms of service. The Digital Signature field is fully compliant with the UETA and ESIGN acts. You can read more about it in our blog post.


  1. Darcy Crawford says:

    Do you offer a form for clients to fill out for a wedding invitation. I need the client to be able to enter the information for their card and link it to a purchase button.

  2. Great Okonkwo says:

    What’s the html code to add a person’s height on the contact form? I’ve tried using the dropdown option but it’s not working. Need help asap!
    Thank You!

    • Manu says:

      Hi Okonkwo!

      I’m sorry but we don’t provide coding support.

      But you don’t need coding to achieve this.

      Have you tried adding a simple text box or number field where people can input their height?

  3. Joe Rizzo says:

    If a checkbox on my form is chosen, I’d like to then show T.O.S. field. Is this possible?

  4. gabriel says:

    i want to know more about the password option. im looking for a way to allow users to login/submit a form that will store there information. or allow them to some way login since im using the new user registration form

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