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About the company

The Mortgage Lady is the website of Janet Hall, a professional mortgage and insurance adviser near Oxford, United Kingdom. She gives consultancy to individuals as well as small and medium sized business enterprises. The company collaborates with external specialists and it has extended the range of cover towards services of mediation in tax affairs, wills and trusts, family separation.

Challenges faced by The Mortgage Lady

The services of a business like The Mortgage Lady often involves a complex communication processes. The level of regulatory documentation required makes automation a real necessity.

The company utilizes standard industry CRM products. However, these are generally unsuitable for website integration which was main concern of Tim Stevens. He was responsible for the implementation of new company websites incorporating a range of enquiry and data collection facilities. He realized that developing these in the Net Fusion application, a website development tool was time consuming and delaying implementation. This was the point when he started to look for an alternative form building solution.

Finding the right solution

Our colleague, Tim Stevens received the recommendation to test 123FormBuilder from our web development software support team. He became quickly aware that the online forms created with the 123FormBuilder platform would easily collect all the data requested by the consultancy team. Moreover, these would be aesthetical designed with our branding and easy to fill in. Our customer data would then be stored safely on servers and each staff member (and appropriate external providers) of the Mortgage Lady team would receive proper notifications straight to their email inbox.

Results and accomplishments

Mr. Stevens states that “Within a couple of hours after the implementation, The Mortgage Lady managed to collect more data than in several days of development within the Net Fusion environment. Our ongoing delay with the launch of the new website ended, and we had the whole project ready for compliance approval the next day.” The Mortgage Lady is now investigating how to extend the functionality of 123FormBuilder and use the platform in order to collect all the necessary client data.

123FormBuilder it’s a solution that saves time in both implementation and usage. The process of documenting new leads became easier and our system of collecting data is a more comfortable process for customers and the consulting team.

123FormBuilder solved a long term development problem quickly and cheaply, which overcame delays in website completion and launch in a matter of hours. As well as reducing time allocation to web development it has opened up a number of new opportunities. I thoroughly recommend the service.
Tim Stevens
Webmaster at The Mortgage Lady

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