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About the company

Sally Beauty Holdings is the world’s largest distributor of professional hair and beauty products, with over 4,000 stores worldwide. They manage three online shops for three different categories of their target audience: spas and beauty therapists, hairdressers and the general public. In the UK and Ireland they trade at over 250 stores with Sally as their retail business brand.

Challenges faced by Sally Beauty Holdings

Sally Beauty Holdings needed a tool to facilitate the subscription system for their monthly catalogue of products. They wanted to save time and money invested in web development to build a bespoke system and replace it with an easier and quicker solution. In this way they wanted to create a solid database with potential customers and simplify the client communication process. Moreover, to engage their clients they help periodical competitions. Thus another requirement emerged and they wanted also a solution for a simple registration method to gather as many participants as possible. All forms needed to be integrated in their website to create a well balanced image of their business and to facilitate their efforts in building a strong customer care strategy.

Finding the right solution

Considering their needs, the 123FormBuilder team offered them a new alternative to the bespoke system and managed to cover all their requirements with just one solution: our form builder. They had no need of writing code lines or of programming skills. With the 123FormBuilder forms they could create all kind of forms, improve their customer care by sending personalized autoresponders and setting confirmation rules.

Results and accomplishments

Subscriptions came naturally, their customers had no problems in filling the forms. Sally Beauty Holding now has a strong database with contacts and manages to create strong customer care strategies. In addition, their periodical competitions have a smooth registration method and customers are pleased to be able to participate with ease. Results translated into remarkable savings, personalized workflows and simplified processes related to customer care.

The Sally Beauty Holdings’ clients were satisfied with the simple registration method for both subscriptions and competitions. They succeeded to find a more affordable alternative which saved the time and enhanced their external communication.

We have been able to create our online forms very quickly, easily and we have total flexibility. One of the great advantages we have found is the online chat support offered by 123FormBuilder. If we try to do anything new, there is always someone there to help. Thanks!
Janis Neil
Digital Marketing Analyst at Sally Beauty Holdings

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