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About the company

The business behind Coolerguys was founded in 1988 in order to offer an alternative for computer cooling products that you buy along with a computer system. Nowadays, the company offers many types of solutions in products and services for cooling both computers and home theaters. Coolerguys even built an online shop to offer customers to buy returns and overstocked items at a discount.

Challenges faced by Coolerguys

Coolerguys wanted to find an efficient contact system that would automatically filter messages coming from various clients and redirect them towards different departments. In addition, a brand new developed feature created a new need for the team, to can process product returns, offer refunds through a reliable form that would streamline the return merchandise authorization process (RMA). The need started to become more and more urgent as the company was growing bigger. Through the refund form, customers should be able to create an application that would send the received product back to Coolerguys, if this wouldn’t fit their needs. The company wanted to create a reliable system for such processes and show that they focus on customer satisfaction and are always open to communicate. Thus, all forms used in this process needed to be intuitive and appealing for their clients.  

Finding the right solution

After finding 123FormBuilder solution and created the desired refund form, the Coolerguys team managed to filter all the customer messages and transfer them automatically to the right departments. Moreover, the return of merchandise authorization was created through an online form with advanced fields that successfully simplified their workflow. All these packed with the right theme customization, made the form fit perfectly on their company website.

Most used features:

  • Custom email notifications
  • Customized autoresponders
  • Theme customization
  • Upload button field

Results and accomplishments

Coolerguys’ daily work is now simplified and their customer communication processes facilitated. In addition, they are now able to communicate with their clients better, respond quickly to emails and efficiently support the refund requests. Using the custom email notification, messages are redirected to the right person in time and the response rate improved significantly. Their efforts decreased in the returns section and now all the RMAs are processed quickly and their clients are satisfied with the quality of their services.

Keeping track of submissions from a single location rather than an email, alleviating the problem of messages getting marked as spam and redirecting submissions to the right department gave us ease of use which we could not found anywhere else.
CTO at Coolerguys at Coolerguys

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