How is 123FormBuilder different?

We offer you more than any other web form builder service!

If you are searching for an online form building solution, you have probably noticed that there are several options available out there. We strive to be the best alternative to any other solution on the market. Beyond the goal to provide exceptional quality, we are also continuosly focusing to offer tailored support. The following characteristics mark what we think is special about our services.

To help you make the comparison more easily, we have compiled a structured analysis of the most popular form builders in terms of usability and features.





Google Forms

Free plan Free plan
Unlimited forms 123FormBuilder web forms
Unlimited fields 123FormBuilder form fields Max 100 -
Multiple fields in a row Fields in a row without CSS - - -
Submissions limit Form submissions 100,000 100,000 100,000 -
No charges for overages No charges for form submission overages - Publishing options - 123FormBuilder -
Archive for data outages Keeps all your form submission archived even if you pass the monthly submission cap. - -
Email notification recipients Email recipients Unlimited 1 10 1
Publishing options Publishing options 61Publishing options - 123FormBuilder 12Publishing options - Wufoo 34Publishing options - Jotform 3Publishing options - Jotform
Email marketing integrations 3rd-Party integrations - 123FormBuilder 11 Email Marketing integrations - 123FormBuilder 6 3rd-Party integrations - Wufoo 8 Email Marketing integrations - Jotform -
Social media integrations 3rd-Party integrations - 123FormBuilder 53rd-Party integrations - 123FormBuilder 23rd-Party integrations - Wufoo 23rd-Party integrations - Jotform -
Recurring payment Web forms with recurring payment - -
Multi-payment gateways at once Web forms with multi-payment - - -
Autoresponder based on rules Autoresponder based on rules - -
Custom JavaScript Online forms with custom Javascript - - -
Correct quiz answers Quiz questions with correct answers -
Save for later Save and resume form submissions - -
Right-to-left language support Multilanguage forms -
White label forms White label forms - -
Support Form builder with advanced support In-house support 24/24 on email, 16/24 on-site chat, Skype and phone calls for
specific cases
Email & forum Forum Forum
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123FormBuilder has the best user interface, it is user-friendly, very intuitive and always reliable. We love that we can customize and really match the look and feel of our sites.
(Greg Fry, owner of Santa Clarita Website Design)

The easy to use interface and the flexibility of 123FormBuilder allows us to create online forms in just a fraction of the time it used to take for programming each form.
(Alina Gheara-Georgiu, CEO at Neobyte Solutions)