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You have the flexibility to choose a full remote working setup, without the need to relocate to Timisoara! 

Company Insight

123FormBuilder is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that helps users without technical skills to build online forms & surveys. Founded 10 years ago by Florin Cornianu and a colleague, it steadily grew to almost 100 people and over 30.000 subscribers from all over the world, while the majority of them are from the US. 123FormBuilder has offices in Timisoara and Bucharest but all our people are working remotely nowadays. 123’s organizational culture has always been a key ingredient to its success and it can be characterized as flexible, open, and friendly.


The Head of Product (HoP) reports directly to the CEO. The main mission of the HoP is to use a data-driven approach to push our product further so it brings more value to our customers while supporting all the steps of our user’s lifecycle. At the same time, we’re building a new product from scratch that will be better suited for our Enterprise customers.


Objectives and Responsibilities of the Head of Product
1) Improve adoption of our legacy product to support revenue growth

The HoP will establish the roadmap of our legacy product so that it ensures that our existing customers get the most value. The focus will be on stability and low-hanging fruits that improve product adoption. One major constrain is the fact that only 20% of our Engineering effort is allocated to this pillar.

Metric: Establish own product adoption KPI and improved it by the end of the year

2) Build the new product to support the company vision

80% of our Engineering effort is allocated to build a new product. The company vision is to move upmarket and to research this we did a comprehensive market study. We want to be a plug & play form builder that can connect with ease to any data source or a third-party app, thus being a vital piece of the flow of data puzzle within any company.

The HoP will communicate with all stakeholders (including a select group of customers) to build a great product.

Metric: The new product (Morf) is 70% ready by the end of the year.

3) Employees have a clear professional path established & communicated (process as a whole and periodic meetings including yearly review & one-on-ones)

Increasing team productivity is a big challenge. The HoP should work with HR to set a clear professional path as well as a transparent and fair evaluation process for all his team members.
Metric: 100% progress by EoY

4) Team members are becoming better professionals
Each team member should aim to become better in his/her expertise. He/she will need coaching, unblocking, and guidance. The HoP should do it himself/herself where applicable or empower the right people to ensure the best results based on requirements. In his/her leadership capacity, s/he also acts as a mentor to her team members.

Metric: 80% of team members improve performance over a measured period of time

Desired Mindset

Strong leadership: The HoP manages the Product department (currently a team consisting of 8 members). This includes 4 Product Managers, 2 UX Designers, and 2 Data Analysts, as well as different service providers, overseeing resources, staffing, and maintenance of a first-class team. Drives the strategy & tactics for the whole team.

Vision: Leadership begins with a vision. To lead successfully means having a destination in mind and the ability to motivate people to go with you to that destination. By seeing a bigger picture and thinking long term, leaders can better visualize what clients want and what it takes to get there. While big-picture vision is important, an outstanding manager also has an eye for detail.

Collaborative approach: The HoP plays a highly collaborative role where he works closely with the Leadership team members & other stakeholders in defining long-term organizational strategies and roadmaps.

Thirst for knowledge: The HoP takes time to stay informed on the latest strategies, as well as studying what our competition is doing.

Professional Expertise of the HoP

Education: The HoP has a master’s degree in any relevant field.

Experience: A candidate for this position will have had at least 5 years of working experience in the product department, preferably as a Head of Product, Product Manager, or Senior Team Lead. S/He will have vast experience in building SaaS products that target the global market.

He or she will also have a proven and successful record leading a product team.

Communication Skills: The HoP must possess exceptional communication skills both in written and verbal form. Communication skills will be especially important in his leadership position, where the clear conveyance of instructions and information down the line to junior team members will play a significant role in determining the overall performance of the team.

Also, managers must also use their judgment and communication skills when dealing with the interpersonal friction that can arise in even the most tranquil workplace.

Interpersonal Skills: The candidate must have certain personal attributes that make him/her suitable for the position. S/He will be customer-oriented and result-oriented, be a creative and strategic thinker, and s/he will have the ability to work on multiple projects and meet tight deadlines.

He or she will also have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, work comfortably in a cross-functional setting, work comfortably in a constantly evolving environment, and demonstrate an ability to stay calm in the face of uncertainty and stress.

People Skills: The HoP must demonstrate natural leadership abilities, being able to influence and inspire a cross-functional team. He or she will be a likable and relatable person who is able to make meaningful and lasting connections with others. His/her people skills will inspire trust and confidence in others who will then readily follow into his/her insights and directives.

Your team will also look up to you, to speak up for them with the company’s officers or board of directors. They deserve credit for the work they do and rely on you to provide it. The most successful managers adhere to the “praise flows downhill and responsibility travel uphill” philosophy.


  • Attractive salary package;
  • Meal tickets;
  • Private medical insurance (Business package);
  • Full access to gyms / fitness centers across the country (7card);
  • Extra vacation days based on seniority in the company (we start from 23);
  • Loyalty bonuses based on seniority in the company;
  • Professional growth opportunities such as trainings, online courses, conferences;
  • Birthdays celebration with birthday cakes and gift vouchers;
  • The flexibility of choosing a full remote work setup. Relocation is not mandatory!

Lots and lots of other benefits that we will resume once the pandemic ends, such as:

  • Rivers of coffee, tea, and soft drinks;
  • Daily health in a basket full of fruits and breakfast snacks;
  • Memorable team buildings;
  • Social gatherings and events, workshops, hackathons and company retreats;
  • Access to relaxation rooms with Xbox, ping pong, board games and more;
  • Daily on-site massage in our offices.

The pandemic has brought about long-lasting changes. While we will always have physical offices for our colleagues to meet, collaborate and have a cup of coffee together, for those of us who are out of reach we will interact and have fun at online team buildings, trivia nights, Happy Friday’s over Slack and more.


About the company

We believe in easily gathering data to improve business so we're developing a powerful onlineform builder that allows anyone to create forms and surveys as easy as 1-2-3. With 3 brands in ourportfolio and an investment from 3TS Capital Partners, we're rapidly growing and looking fortalented web developers to join our team.

Our systems are 100% built on the scalable infrastructure of AWS. We're working with cuttingedge technology to measure and understand user behaviour and ultimately take data-drivendecisions.

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