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Building dynamic web forms that adapt to your visitor’s responses is a real challenge if you’re starting from scratch. Lucky, with 123FormBuilder’s conditional logic feature you can have a dynamic web form up on your site within minutes!

Our online form builder will let you skip all the hard work of manually coding advanced form elements and functions so you can start focusing on what matters most - submissions.

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By generating jQuery validations on each individual form field, we’ve structured our forms to be easily converted into dynamic web forms that can adapt to any circumstance. Give your form the power to change content and auto complete fields based on user’s input, as simple as clicking a radio button! Need to create a longer form? With our advanced pagination features, your form can be broken down into as many separate pages as you want to make your users dynamic form completing journey feel much better.

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Automate your data collection processes

Stay connected

Connect your web forms to other online services

Receive money

Integrate one or more payment processors

Stay secure

Protect your web forms with SSL, Captcha and more

Monitor performance

Track your online form performance through in-depth analytics

Use reports

Use graphical reports from real-time form builder

DC Fire
“Customization work was one of the things we were looking for and 123ContactForm managed to achieve that by communicating constantly and efficiently.”

Jyoti Agrawal, Project Manager at DC Fire

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