Tuesday Template: Effectively Evaluate Performance With an Employee Evaluation Form


by 123FormBuilder

Most companies evaluate the performance of their employees on a regular basis, usually once or twice a year. An accurate employee evaluation should objectively capture the performance of the employees in order to be a win-win for both employers and employees. Being able to measure and track progress over time helps management compare scores, set future expectations with regard to the employee’s performance and even decide if additional training is needed. Well-conducted evaluations can motivate employees to improve their performance and become more productive.

Normally, the process would involve a lot of paperwork but there is a better alternative: an online employee evaluation form. It eliminates paperwork, simplifying the process and increasing efficiency. An employee evaluation form has one goal: to measure the performance of employees inside the company and inside their team, nevertheless, it can be used in various ways.

Check out our online employee evaluation form template and start from there to build and customize it as you see fit. Some companies ask employees to participate in the evaluation by filling a self-evaluation form prior to their review. In order to create this type of form you can start with the same template or if you feel confident you can begin with a blank form.

employee evaluation form template


How can 123FormBuilder help you build the best employees evaluation forms?

You can customize the employee evaluation form template according to your needs by removing the existing fields or adding more to gather the required information. From the multitude of available form fields you can choose to add on your form, a couple work very well with an online employee evaluation form: Star rating, Likert scales, Single choice,  Multiple choice, Dropdown, Text area.

The first part is usually composed of fields for collecting employee information such as name, department, reviewer and evaluation date. The part dedicated to assessing and rating competencies can have a variety of approaches. 123FormBuilder allows you to rate competencies and you can do that by adding Likert scales . According to your needs, you can select an appropriate employee rating method, import predefined scales or customize your own. You can structure it however you want to, make it simple or more detailed. Your possibilities are endless.

employee evaluation form about teamwork

Adding a Comments section (use the “Text area” field to create it), will give the reviewer the option to provide additional comments regarding the employee performance, maybe even giving employees feedback on what they actually need to improve. You can go ahead and add this field at the end of every section if you think the scale in too restrictive.

You can publish your form wherever you want on the web, but you also have the option of hosting it on the 123FormBuilder website and send the link to the interested persons by email.

To get the results, you can opt for receiving submissions by email, access entries in our database (Submissions section), view charts and reports on form results (Reports section).

An employee evaluation form is a great tool for employers to effectively evaluate employee performance. Depending on what your company needs, with 123FormBuilder you can also easily gather information on employee opinions, satisfaction and implicitly improve the company’s work environment by conducting job evaluation surveys and exit interviews.  Sign up and start building your own right now.

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