How NPOs Can Streamline the Process of Recruiting Volunteers


by 123FormBuilder

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NPOs (Non Profit Organizations) are always looking for volunteers to do various tasks. In many cases, volunteers also get paid for doing the service. These organizations adopt various creative promotional ways to get their message across to a wider scope of targeted audiences in order to recruit more volunteers.

In this post, we shall look at some of the ways in which the recruiting process can be automated and made more effective.

Traditional promotional methods and their limitations

Some of traditional promotional methods like distributing flyers still work for reaching out to a lot of people. There again, you will need to target the right places in order to reach the targeted audience. Only then you can expect good conversions.

Similarly, you can get in touch with local communities  such as business houses and educational institutes to spread the message and get responses. Basically, you will need to be creative and try some unique promotional ways to gain more attention for your NPO.

However, these types of promotional activities can be quite tedious. It works well for established NPOs with many employees working on the hiring process but it might not be a feasible option for new and small organizations. Also, someone needs to fill in the enrollment forms and meet volunteers in person. Filling out paper application forms while recruiting can be a tedious and time consuming job.

Going social online

On the other hand, you get better scopes for reaching out to more and more targeted audiences, through the powerful media of social networking websites. These are the kind of platforms where you can effectively reach out to more prospective volunteers, even the ones who are actually looking for opportunities like the ones you offer.

Online forms for recruiting

You can have people apply for volunteer positions from their computers and smartphones too. With online form building solutions such as 123FormBuilder you can easily create any type of web forms and online surveys you can think of. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any programming skills because the web tool comes with easy drag-and-drop features for creating amazing forms in  just minutes.

Social media integration

You can also use the forms on top social media networking websites like Facebook. By publishing your survey or recruiting forms on Facebook you can reach out to a wider segment of prospective candidates. You can also ask your fans or followers to share the forms on their own Facebook page and make your message go viral.

Get notified immediately

With 123FormBuilder you can get immediate notifications whenever someone signs up or registers . Even the prospective candidates can get a confirmation email after submitting the form. It allows recruiters to have access to registrations on a real-time basis.

Permission levels

The registration data from the forms gets stored in databases. You can assign user access permissions to those forms for sharing data with different people in the organization. NPOs can go paperless while improving the efficiency of the recruitment process.

The right Promotional Content

Although online forms can streamline your recruitment campaigns, you need to make sure that the recruitment message you publish is compelling and concise. You will need to emphasize the reason why volunteers should join your community service program and also let them know what they can expect after joining.

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