Limiting the Number of Event Tickets That You Can Sell On Your Event Registration Form


by 123FormBuilder

Hoping your organization’s next event will go off without a hitch? Start by collecting signups in our event registration form. You’ll find everything you need to get your guests registered, including secure payment processing, a spreadsheet-friendly participant database, and social/email integration.

Another lesser-known capability of our event registration form is the ability to split the tickets up by type and then set a cap on the number of attendees by ticket type.

Let’s say you’re putting on a production of Cats. You have balcony seats, mezzanine seats, main floor seats, orchestra seats, and only so many of each. You can make the ticket order form show customers just how many tickets are left.

example of limiting seats to an event on the event registration form

To offer multiple types of limited-number tickets (or any items, for that matter) on one online form, you just have to know how to create one. Then you can make as many as you like.

Here’s how to create your first limited-number ticket:

1. Drag a Number field into your Form Editor. Click the field to access its properties on the left side.

adding a number field to the 123formbuilder form editor

2. Edit the Label to reflect the name of the ticket you’re selling.

changing form label name and going to advanced field settings

3. Click More… above the Label field.

4. Tick the option at the bottom that says Limit submissions by input values.

limit field by input values

You can leave Current Value at zero unless, for example, you’ve already sold a few tickets by phone or another offline.

5. Enter the total quantity of unsold tickets in the Maximum value field.

Now your field will show the amount of remaining tickets, which will update every time a customer submits the form with one or more entered in that field.

By default, the note about remaining quantity reads: The maximum accepted value is ___.


If you’d like something a little more short and sweet:

1. Go to Settings → Translations in the upper menu.

123formbuilder customize translations for event registration form

2. Hover over the language and click Customize.

3. Expand the Form fields instructions section and look for The maximum accepted value is

translating maximum value text for the event registration form

4. Type your preferred wording in the box to the right.


Your ability to mix and match tickets and show remaining quantities doesn’t have to stop after the players take a bow. You can create a form that offers signups for ongoing events. Say, for example, you run a gym that has fitness classes with limited capacity. Your form could let people sign up by date and class type (spinning, yoga, weights). One look at the form and anyone can see how many spaces remain.

Get out there and break a leg! Your fans at 123FormBuilder are here if you have questions.

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