Forms & Surveys for Non-Profit Organizations


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Our NPO users have helped us key out 10 ideas for using 123FormBuilder web forms and surveys to manage the activity in non-profit organizations better. Here they are:

1. Volunteer recruitment. Set up a volunteer recruitment form and put it out on your website. Use it during recruitment periods or keep it active at all times. Customize our recruitment form template to inquire into any information that is relevant to your organization.

2. Fundraising. Encouraging and collecting donations has never been easier! Set up a donation form and integrate it with different payment processors: PayPal, Google Checkout and People are more likely to donate money when the process is fast and simple.

3. Order forms. Do you sell NPO articles to raise funds? An order form can list all of the available items and accept payments. Customers only need to choose the products they want to purchase and to provide their credit card information. You can make your order form friendlier by including product images.

Forms and Surveys for Non-Profit Organisations

4. Team evaluation. In order for an organization to work efficiently, attention has to be paid to how team members feel and collaborate. A team evaluation survey can show you what their opinions are on team performance and individual contribution and what you can do to improve teamwork.

5. Training evaluation. See how adequate and valuable training programs are with a training evaluation survey. Training evaluation surveys indicate how satisfied NPO members are with the training they receive and what other training topics they would find useful.

6. Event registration. Promote and manage NPO events with an online event registration form. Share information with your guests, send confirmation emails after registration and have a clear picture of who and how many your guests will be. Use registration forms for any type of event you organize: fundraisings, community events or parties.

7. Event follow-up. Catch your guests’ feedback on the event with an online feedback survey. Ask them to rate the schedule, the speakers, the snacks and gather suggestions for future event improvement. Also, consider using mobile surveys and start receiving feedback while the event is unfolding.

8. Community survey. Build an online survey that tackles on your target community’s issues. It will help you identify the most stringent problems in your field of activity and prioritize them better. This way, you’ll be able to answer your audience’s needs faster by developing relevant projects and programs.

9. NPO feedback survey. Get feedback on the overall image of your organization. Are the people you affect happy with your activity? From the inside, it may be difficult to evaluate the organization’s impact objectively. Have your target audience tell you what works best and what could be improved with an online survey.

10. Contact form. The contact form is the simplest, yet the undoubtedly essential type of form. Not only is it easier for people to contact you, but you can also have messages sent to the right email addresses, to facilitate workflow. Use custom notifications and specify who should get what messages, based on message content.

Log in or sign up for a 123FormBuilder account and set up forms and surveys for your non-profit organization, free of charge. Keep in mind that 123FormBuilder offers a special discount for Premium plans to non-profit organizations. Contact us and get yours now!


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