Facebook Forms Part Four: Surveys


by 123FormBuilder

Continuing our Facebook series, we’ve come to highlight one other great asset of using 123FormBuilder application for Facebook – building online surveys.

These are a valuable tool to take data-driven decision, to research your audience and better understand the behavior of your public.

Considering that 123FormBuilder is a versatile tool, your surveys can cover any subject. You can minimize the complexity and use it as a simple online poll or extend its use and build a complex research survey. There are no constraints to how you can adapt your survey.

In the first article, when describing the use of the application for Facebook event registrations, we followed the steps of installation. Moreover, we discussed the customization options of the tab where your survey will appear. It will look something like this:

Facebook Survey

Why to use the 123FormBuilder application?

Well, these are two angles when it comes to the earned benefits: survey customization and usability. But let’s take a closer look.

If you create your online survey with 123FormBuilder you can:

  • brand your survey with logo, colors, fonts and other visual elements you need to align with your identity

  • use rules for field branching to create an intuitive survey that shows only the relevant question for each respondent

  • you can set custom email notifications so the survey submission will reach all the interested parties, or even create rules and redirect to a new email addressin some particular cases

  • you can add 3rd party integrations to export leads in your wanted CRM, you can use them for mailing systems and future campaigns or simply store them in your Dropbox account.

Think of Facebook as an extension of your reach and a survey a way to discover new trends and opportunities. Either you use it to learn about an experience your customer already had with your product or service or you want to discover their expectations, it is a great asset for your business page.

If you use your survey on several places and want to know which one drives you more responses, you can simply add a Google Analytics code which will track this information. And, know that the survey is accessible from any mobile device so you can have a bigger chance to have it filled.

Look at Facebook as a giant database which you can use for your own purposes, it only takes the right tool to harvest all that information. Ask the right questions and you’ll get valuable insight. To analyze the data and have an accurate overview of the results you can use our reports section and customize it to better suit your needs.

Give it a try and let us know how it worked for you.

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