iContact web forms

Integrate your 123FormBuilder web forms with iContact
and boost your email marketing campaigns

iContact is an online tool for generating powerful email marketing campaigns. With iContact, you can easily reach out to your contact lists by creating, implementing and tracking your online marketing campaign. Keen on third party integration, iContact provides a wide range of solutions for expanding your contact lists and sending your messages out in the social media.
123FormBuilder - iContact integration

The first thing you need when launching an email marketing campaign is an audience. 123FormBuilder and iContact can easily get you those contacts. iContact integration with 123FormBuilder web forms means that you will add contacts to iContact mailing lists at every form submission. Request users' email addresses within your form and the addresses will be sent to your iContact lists, thus growing the audience of your iContact marketing campaign.

123FormBuilder and iContact do not like invasive messages. Your iContact web forms can contain a checkbox asking form users if they want to subscribe to your newsletter or to be added to your database for future email messages.

How to create an iContact web form

Integrating 123FormBuilder web forms with iContact is as easy as 1-2-3. Visit your 123FormBuilder Settings -> Applications sections, choose iContact in the dropdown list and press Add. Provide your iContact username and password and click on Save. Choose the iContact list where you want to add contacts and press Customize.

In the iContact web form customization lightbox that appears, you need to establish field associations between 123FormBuilder and the iContact application. Simply put, you'll match your web form fields with iContact fields. Select, in the dropdown lists on the right side, the form fields corresponding to each iContact list entry. Press Save when you're done.

Learn more about 123FormBuilder - iContact integration.

From now on, each time a visitor fills out your 123FormBuilder email form, their contact data will be sent to your iContact mailing list. Use iContact to design wonderful email marketing campaigns and 123FormBuilder to add contacts to iContact mailing lists!