GB7AD D-Star Registration Form

Please use this form to submit your request to be registered for the D-Star Network. It requires your full name, Callsign (a scan or photo of your licence may be requested if your callsign cannot be validated), email address and details of which local D-Star system you propose to use as your primary system.

This is the Registration Page for D-Star. Please note that any requests for registration will be checked to confirm that you have transmitted via RF on the GB7AD System. If your Callsign is not seen on the STATUS PAGE then your Registration Request may not be processed. Also any fields not correctly filled out will also result in the Registration Request not being processed. Search for you local D-Star Repeater using the likes of Google and register your callsign with the Keeper of that System.

I take this stance as I do not have time for people wishing to register when they do not even have a D-Star radio or are from outwith the coverage of GB7AD. Local users with a new DV Dongle or DVAP device will be considered for registration on an individual basis. Please attempt to contact the local Administrator of the D-Star System nearest to your home QTH, you can locate this by going to DSTARUSERS.ORG website.

We will also consider requests from people outwith the scope of the GB7AD system and requiring to register.

We will send you an email upon completion of your registration, allow upto 24 hours for your registration to propograte round the D-Star Network.

Non-complying registrations will not be responded to.

9th June 2013

Tony Hawker, Callsign G4CJZ.
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