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BIBA Summer Camp

Blackie’s International Baduk Academy was opened on the 31st of January, 2011 by Kim Seung-jun (Blackie) 9p and Diana Koszegi 1p. In less than two years, we had 67 students from 21 countries. The academy is open to anyone all year round; but we decided to make one camp during the summer and another camp during the winter vacation.

We have also learned that a lot of people are very active in teaching children for example in Turkey, Hungary and France. It is probably the same in other countries as well. So we would also like to help and motivate these teachers who are spreading Baduk. Moreover it would be nice to create a good relationship between children from all over the world. So we hope, kids will also join two our BIBA camps.


24th of June (Mon), 2013 ~ 23rd of July (Tuesday), 2013 (staying for a shorter period is possible)





06.24 (Mon)


06.25 (Tue)

Introduction, Visiting BIBA, Discovering the area (Sanbon)

06.26 (Wed) - 06.30 (Sun)

Temple Stay (training Baduk during practicing Buddhist temple life)

07.01 (Mon) - 07.07 (Sun)

Studying at BIBA (visiting Kwon Gap Yong Academy for a day during this week)

07.08. (Mon) - 07.10 (Wed)

Gangneung Beach

07.11 (Thu) - 07.17 (Wed)

Studying at BIBA (visiting Kwon Gap Yong Academy for a day during this week)

07.18 (Thu) - 07.19 (Fri)

Waterfall at Yongmun

07.20 (Sat) - 07.22 (Mon)

Visiting Hangkuk Kiwon (watching Baduk League), Last sightseeing and buying souvenirs

07.23 (Tue)


*We will try our best keep to this schedule, but some dates might be changed.


The accommodation is about 10-15 minutes on foot at Kim Seung-jun 9p (Blackie)'s flat. It is a very big two-story flat. In case of many participants, we will rent another apartment.


The basic fee of one camp is 1.200.000 won (~815euro). The price includes; tuition, accommodation and extra activities. We also provide 3 meals a day for children (under 16). /Discount is possible for group enrollment/


- Kim Seung-jun (Blackie) 9p

- Koszegi Diana 1p

- On So-jin 7p

- Park Young-un 7d

(Sometimes other professional (Cho Hye-hyeon, Kim Yoon-young, etc-etc) and strong amateur players will also join us)

Study System:

-  Playing games with Korean kids

-  Reviews

-  Practicing life & death problems

-  Lectures about openings and josekis

-  Studying professional games together

-  Live commentaries


Other Activities:

-  Visiting Hangkuk Kiwon (Korean Baduk Association) and meeting with famous professional players

-  Visiting a famous Korean school (Kwon Gap Yong Baduk Academy) in Seoul

-  Playing sports in the park nearby

-  Going to the sea /during summer/

-  Etc, etc...

Goals of the camp:

-   Cultural exchange between foreigners and Koreans through Baduk

-   Further the friendship between other countries and Korea.

-   Provide the atmosphere for the participants to improve their Baduk from professional players

-   Give the children inspiration by seeing the Baduk atmosphere in a country where the game is widespread and taken very seriously

-   Provide an opportunity for any Baduk teachers who might accompany the children to see how Baduk schools work in Korea and how teachers in Korea teach to children to produce some of the world’s strongest Baduk players


Gunpo Building 705-1, Sanbon-dong, 1142-12, Gunpo City, Kyeonggi-do, Korea (Right next to Jin-seok Baduk Academy /Korean Baduk Academy/)