Norton 3P Program
Preliminary Preparedness Program

Norton Roofing is a dedicated, trained group of professionals in the field of roofing, inspection, water intrusion investigation and analysis as well as insurance related loss coverage that will help our clients determine if they have a loss related claim which would be beneficial to them or not.

When you notice a problem with your roof, discoloration on your ceiling, water  dripping or wet areas on the floor or walls in your home or business, you know you need help and trying to determine whom to call to come to your aid can be confusing and time consuming.  What if it could be a possible insurance claim situation but you are not sure if you should file a report?  If you participate in our 3P Plan, relax.

Never report a claim, unless there has been devastation, without first consulting a professional who specializes in the area of the damages to determine if a need to file the claim actually will benefit the insured as it will remain on the insured’s profile for 5 years and will be considered a negative issue for future insurability and premium assignment.

We have the simple answer to all the confusion and frustration that seems to always accompany such matters.  It is the 3P plan of confidence, Norton Roofing’s PRELIMINARY PREPAREDNESS PROGRAM.  There is no fee.  This is a mutual benefit program that allow us to help you by providing our services if you need them.

Our program is simple as all you need to do as a homeowner, business owner or building owner is to email your information to us and call to allow us to file your information in our program.

We can come to your site and determine the existing roofing system for that site, note any anomalies or special needs and if you choose we can do a preliminary estimation of the cost of repairing/replacing your roof system at that date to aid you in making decisions should it be necessary, we cannot negotiate any claims for you but we can explain the process to help relieve anxiety and frustration that most often occurs with an insurance claim.  One call or email and we can help negotiate any claims and our extensive knowledge of insurance coverage allows us to remove the grief and hassle that accompanies most situations.

One call or email is all it takes, it is that simple.  When you are in our program  you allow us to help with such burdens so that you can do more positive things while we care for your needs.  Our PRELIMINARY PREPAREDNESS PROGRAM is your peace of mind.  Your confidence is what fuels our passion for our customers and your trust that we will take exceptional care of your needs.  Contact us today and let us make life easier.