Lenten Study:  The Book of Forgiving by Desmond Tutu & Mpho Tutu Sign-up

Forgiveness is the way we mend tears in the social fabric.  It is the way we stop our human community from unraveling as well as acknowledge and bring resolution to lifelong burdens of pain and anguish.
You are invited to walk on the path of forgiveness this lent in small discussion groups.

The small group facilitators below are ready to welcome you! 

Please select a class day and time that suits your personal schedule.


There are some simple ground rules we would like to uphold.

Because of the personal nature of this topic, each small group will need to hold in confidence the stories they hear and the discussions that take place.  Our purpose as a group is to bring peace and wholeness only.  This is best done by hearing each other with compassion and care.  Each story is important.  Each person is important.  We are on this trusting journey together.

We also ask that by signing up you agree to read the book and participate in the discussion as you are able to do so.  The reading each week is between 35-45 pages long.  The text is easy to understand and makes for smooth reading.  When you sign up, a response email and syllabus will be sent to you.  
Welcome, and journey on!

To obtain a copy of the book, click here to order or call the church office at 773-743-1820.