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For a no obligation SEO report on your Website. The report will include suggestion improvements that can or shoud be made to improve your Website SEO and Performance. You can pass your report to your current Webmaster or Paul can help?

My Website Support Services -1st Month Support FREE

After the initial consultation, Paul will review your website and measure the SEO and Speed Performance metrics. Check for obvious CONTENT and LINK errors. Then from the INITIAL Report:

  • With your approval to proceed, make the necessary error fixes and implement performance improvements
  • Advise of future improvement upgrades that would help improve your Website Performance and Google rankings
  • Monitor and ensure your Website is maintained
  • Add website content as and when required
  • Provide a Monthly Report so you can track progress of your Website and of course Paul’s support performance

If you would like me to help with your webite support - We can together tailor a support package that suits your business needs and budget.