CUNY DREAMers 4th Annual Conference Volunteers Form

This year’s conference theme, “The Future Begins Today,” focuses on our strengths, capabilities and continued resiliency in the pursuit of a more inclusive higher education system. Our mission is to bring together undocumented immigrants and supporters from across New York State to present ideas, solutions, and resources to fortify the bonds within our community. Together, we will boldly face obstacles to unity!

You are filling out this form because you have been helping with the conference or have already participated in one of the conference's trainings. We will provide you with proper materials to help you throughout the way, this is a learning experience for everyone involved! 

Remember that your help will be pivotal in making this conference a success!

If you are trying to sing up to volunteer after 12/01, please note that in order to be considered a volunteer you MUST attend the site visit on Friday, December 8, 2017, unless you have previously let us know. 

If you have any questions please contact Isaac Montiel at or (203) 843-3146 or Dale St Marthe or (347) 304-4830 Always CC so we can connect with you right away! 

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