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Water Rescue Specialist Application

Functional Description
The Water Rescue Specialist is responsible for performing water operations of the task-force incident operation and reports directly to a Rescue Squad Officer.

Description of Duties
The Water Rescue Specialist is responsible for the following
    • Implementing technical skills and operating equipment necessary for completing the water rescue portion of the action plan in a safe manner.
    • Performing supervised water operations and providing periodic progress reports as needed.
    • Operating and performing routine field maintenance of watercraft and equipment.
    • Ensuring accountability and maintenance for all issued equipment.
    • Performing additional tasks or duties as assigned.
    • Evaluating and modifying water operational tactics as needed.

Required Training
The Water Rescue Specialist shall adhere to the following:
    • Complete all administrative and general training requirements.
    • Complete the FEMA National US&R Response System GPS/Land Navigation Operations Course.
    • Meet requirements of NFPA 1006 (2008):

                             - Chapter 5: Job Performance Reuirements
                             - Chapter 6: Rope Rescue (Levels 1 & 2)
                             - Chapter 11: Surface Water Rescue (Levels 1 & 2)

  • Safe boating certificate recognized by the National Safe Boating Council.
  • Boat operator requirements as outlined in Water Rescue Specialist Position Task Book.

    Water Rescue Specialists are required to participate in an annual swim test.