Industrial Monitor Prices

Buying an LCD monitor is a major investment and calls for analysis of your business needs and industrial environment as well as a thorough study of leading manufacturers. Based on your analysis, you also need to decide whether you want to opt for the flat panel display monitor or the touch screen technology.Once all your priorities are in order, you can proceed to an online search to find manufacturers, models and pricing.To compare prices, you first need to decide on a model. For this, you should keep in mind viewing angle, resolution, diagonal size, mounts and indoor or outdoor industrial environments.Compact LCD monitors have revolutionized computer technology and their sleek styles and image quality have captured the imagination of those who demand value and expect optimum returns for money.The price of LCD monitors depends on the technology you opt for. A touch screen monitor will be more expensive than a flat panel display. And, LCD comes in two technologies-the passive-matrix technology and the active-matrix technology. Active matrix technology is more expensive, so of course, LCD monitors based on this technology will be more expensive.If you're on a budget, opting for a high quality 15-inch LCD monitor is a good economic decision. Compare prices and you'll find that the difference between a 15-inch and 17-inch monitor is minimal. Then you can decide on the resolution. Both 17-inch monitors and 19 inches monitors offer 1280x1024 resolutions.Most companies offer online catalogues. Search for all comparative factors such as diagonal size, viewing angle and resolution and then compare prices to get the best possible bargain