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Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal
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Note: Appeal will not be considered without typed submission of questionnaire and letter below. All Appeal Committee decisions are final.
Questionnaire for Suspension Appeal
After each question, type the answer, referring to your unofficial transcript on MyUM to answer the questions as they apply to failed courses.

1. If you requested a previous appeal, did you follow through on the recommendations of that appeal? What were the outcomes?

2. List the courses and reason for any D or F grades at the University of Mobile.

3. Did you miss class for any reason? If so, explain.

4. Explain in detail how you prepared for each of your classes.

5. Give specific examples about your interaction with your professors. (Ex. Did you communicate with them in a timely manner? Did you follow through with any requests made of you? What were the outcomes of requests you made to your professors? Etc...)

6.What campus resources are available for you here at the University of Mobile? Which resources have you used or are committed to using if your appeal is approved?

7. Provide a detailed plan of how you will effectively utilize your time and overcome unexpected obstacles if your appeal is approved.

8. What career are you pursuing and why?

9. Type a formal letter here addressed to the committee. The letter should summarize the reason for lack of academic progress and include any information you wish to include that is not covered in the questions above:
Checklist for submitting appeal:
_____Complete the appeal form (Page 1)
_____Type answers to the questionnaire (Page 2)
_____Type a short letter addressed to “Academic Affairs Committee”
_____The appeals form, the questionnaire, and the letter should be no more than three pages total
_____ Scan and email any supporting documentation such as medical records, etc.
_____ If you have difficulty completing this paperwork and need assistance you may contact Julia Lucy at or 251.442.2284