The Charger Rock is a great way to send a message for all to see!
For a reservation of $20, you can congratulate your favorite student, wish a student a
 happy birthday (or happy "half" birthday), show appreciation to your favorite teacher or staff member, show support to one of our sport teams, or let everyone know how much you love Patriot Oaks!

You may start painting the rock at 4:00pm on the day before your reserved date(s).
For example, if you reserved the rock for a Tuesday, you may start painting at 4:00pm on Monday evening. The school gates will be locked at 9 PM daily. Therefore, you will need to paint the rock between 4 PM to 9 PM the day prior to your reservation.
Rocks reserved for Monday should be painted the prior Friday between 4 PM to 9 PM.
Due to school holidays, some dates are noted with footnotes.

Reservations are complete once payment is made through the PayPal system.
To help insure you don’t lose your date,
it is our recommendation that you DO NOT use a SmartPhone
to submit this form as you may time out in PayPal.

After you make a reservation, your date will still show in the list.
However, the date will be grayed out.
There may be some additional dates listed at the bottom of this form.

Questions about the Charger Rock?