New Initiatives - Exclusive to exhibitors - Focus On Marketing

A program allowing exhibitors to gain more exposure with marketing professionals!

This unique marketing program is dedicated to marketers at in-cosmetics North America and includes:

  • A bespoke itinerary for marketing professionals
  • A guide around feature areas including the Innovation Zone, Sensory Bar and Make-up Bar
  • A schedule of specially-selected keynote presentations
  • Ideal platforms for marketing professionals to network with exhibitors
  • Marketing Trail Guide
  • Guided tour of the show

What's in this for exhibitors:

The guided tour will take marketers around selected feature areas which suppliers can feature in and as an added bonus get EXTRA publicity and visibility!

By selecting one or more of the above, you will:

a. Benefit from extra publicity in the marketing campaign for this program
b. Be visible at multiple locations at the show
c. Receive a higher amount of footfall to your stand after marketers have been guided to your products and/or seminar
d. Feature in the Marketing Trail Guide (*Subject to selection)

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