Community Empowerment Ltd - Membership Application Form
Membership is open to those that use our services or support our work as a charitable society for the benefit of the community.
Each member holds a (non withdrawable/non transferable) £1 share in the society.
The current membership subscription is £1 per month (your £1 share is taken as your first £1 payment).
Whilst £1 per month is a small sum, your £1 is very important to us as a small charity as it helps to fund our core activities.
For convenience and to save admin costs, we accept subscriptions via PayPal.
There is a link on our website at 
(opens in new window - so that you can return to this page).
You can of course opt to make a higher donation, amend or cancel your subscription via Paypal.

If you have any difficulty with the Paypal subscription process or if you wish to make an annual payment or donation by cheque or bank transfer please add a note in the box below - but please note that Paypal saves us the cost of issuing reminders.

Please note that a pdf of the society's rules can be downloaded from


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