So Cal Mid-High Program Staff Application

-- Open to High School students entering their Junior year or higher --

As a High School Program Staff your role at Mid High camp is extremely important and you will have varying responsibilities. We want to help you form realistic expectations of what you will be asked to do. Here are a few things we expect you to be or do…


BE… a Humble Servant – Simply put, all leaders must be willing to humbly serve and bring the best of your abilities to the table.

BE… Discipled – We hope that this role provides many discipleship opportunities for your own relationship with Christ. This will include a nightly gathering with a few of the youth pastors. Additionally, your ability to see every interaction with mid high students as a discipleship opportunity is integral to the success of camp.

DO…. Leading Hype and Rec. teams – One of your primary tasks will be to encourage, uplift, and lead students in Rec. teams, and in evening Hype during Forum. This year, we have access to new resources and support by PVCC staff in running Rec. which means high school program staff will have more time and freedom to lean into relational ministry and discipleship with mid high students.

BE... Actively EngagedWe expect you to be actively engaged with students and strive to help them have the best week of camp possible.

Important note:  This application is to be filled out by the student applying.  Once your application has been submitted, an email will be sent to the person you identify below as your "Camp Coordinator." This should be your youth pastor or your church's youth ministry leader. An email will also be sent to your "Pastoral Reference" (this may also be your youth pastor) to inform them you have applied. We will contact them to discuss your character and capacity to serve in this role.

Application Due Date
In order to provide sufficient time to review your application, and confirm completion of background check and Ministry Safe requirements, this application must be completed by July 10, 2017.

Dates of Camp
July 24-28, 2017.
High School Program Staff training begins on Saturday July 22nd at 3PM.

This covers the cost of your meals and lodging for a full week, Saturday July 22 - Friday July 28. We work hard to keep the cost low for our Program Staff. Need a scholarship? Talk to your local church leader. Many local churches offer opportunities for scholarships and fundraisers. We never want finances to be the reason a student doesn't attend and event.

Please make payments to your camp coordinator, youth leader, local church etc.
They will make one comprehensive payment for your local church.

Address of Camp 

Pine Valley Christian Camp
8668 Pine Creek Rd
Pine Valley, CA 91962
(619) 473-8879

Want more info on camp? What to bring?
Click HERE to view the Migh High Camp Info Sheet.

Liability Form:
Every person attending camp must fill out the online liability form provided by Pine Valley Christian Camp.  This form can be accessed on mobile or desktop.

Click HERE to access the liability form.