Fountain Inn Soap Box Derby Race Rules and Guidelines
SATURDAY, MAY 6TH - Commerce Park, Depot Street, Fountain Inn, SC

Races will begin at 10:00 AM
The track will be set up by 9:00 AM for pre-race practice
The Derby will be held on Depot Street @ the Farmer's Market

Age Classifications:
12 and under boys and girls
10 and under boys and girls
8 and under boys and girls

1st place and 2nd place in each class

Soap Box Derby Cars must be built from the kits bought from the Fountain Inn Parks and Recreation Department. Kits will be ordered by February 7th. Cars will go through an inspection prior to racing and must be considered "stock" - built like the kit says with no modifications. Tire, paint, and color schemes are unlimited. 

Cars can be entered multiple times with different drivers in different classes. 

*Unlimited class - bring your best "home-made" race car for a chance to win - the only restriction is that it has to have four wheels and be gravity propelled. One driver per car, one division with no age group - must be 12 or younger. 

All drivers must be registered by Thursday, May 4th. 

For more information, please contact Russ Haltiwanger at

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