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DfG Kit Request Form (Office or Enterprise Orders)

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DfG Kits ordered via this form are created by Days for Girls Offices or Gold Certified Enterprises

By ordering Kits directly through them you are supporting local businesses - thank you! 


Enterprise Orders are currently accepted in the following countries: 

DRC, eSwatini (Swaziland), Ghana, Guatemala, Haiti, Kenya, Nepal, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda


DfG Kits are made with love & care using a mix of locally sourced and imported materials. All proceeds from the sale of DfG Kits provide employment for women in the countries where they are made, and support DfG global programming. 


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Please note:

Thank You!

After submission, your order will be calculated (with shipping if necessary), and and an invoice will be emailed to you within 3 business days. Payment must be made in advance for Enterprise Order Purchases. Thank you! 

Enterprise-made DfG Kits can only be shipped in areas that are local to the Enterprise. If you are placing an order for Kits to be shipped to the USA, please exit this form and use the Kit Request for those made in the USA by volunteer teams. 
What is a DfG Heavy Flow/ Long Kit?
Heavy Flow/ Long Kits have commonly been associated only with postpartum needs, but the reality is that many girls and women request our Heavy Flow/Long kits.

Reasons Women & Girls Request Heavy Flow/Long Kits:  Postpartum and/or Fistula needs, Heavy flow on a regular basis, Heavy flow kits provide extra protection in length for larger sized girls &  women, Women and girls in wheelchairs often need Heavy Flow Kits, Many women (particularly in Asia and Nepal) prefer and request Heavy Flow Kits due to cultural norms, Used by some to manage night time flow.