When They Have Dementia or Alzheimer's: Ways to Make Them Feel Safe

Did you know that 61 percent of older adults ages 70 years and above shows early to middle signs of Alzheimer's According to Alzheimer's Association that early clinical symptoms of difficulty remembering the recent conversation, events, names are results of Alzheimer's. In later symptoms, they see an evidence of impaired communication, confusion, disorientation, poor judgment, difficulty in speaking, swallowing and even walking.
However, this happens only in one out of six older adults. Even so, it is important to remember that as your loved ones start to age, you need to worry about their safety, especially when you have loved ones who have early signs of dementia or Alzheimer's.
If you want to keep your loved one safe and secure, why not invest in the medical alert system? If you compare life alert reviews, you will find out that more and more people have come to realize the benefits of having a medical alert system as a device that can help patients with dementia or Alzheimer's.
People who are experiencing early signs of Alzheimer's are often at risk of falling. According to the researchers, patients who have Alzheimer's disease show a high level of amyloid beta plagues in their brain. Thus, having such level, it affects the person's sense of balance, causing them to fall or trip. Moreover, these falls and trips may lead to non-fatal to fatal injuries and even death.
When assessing life alert reviews, several seniors’ clients, caregivers or the patient's children have come to understand its benefits. Thus, they even wanted to upgrade their devices which include automated fall alert detection and GPS.
GPS is an important feature for a medical warning system. Patients who are suffering from Alzheimer's may wander and get lost. According to alzheimers association, six out of ten people with this disease often wanders around. One of the early and later signs of dementia is difficulty recalling their address, how to get home, disoriented and even not cognizant enough to ask for help.
That is why investing a medical alert device with GPS feature can assist you in difficult situations like this. Most patients wear this device like a necklace, and if they got lost, all they need to do is press the SOS button. However, if in some situations that they forget to use the device, the monitoring center can quickly locate the patient's location.
In addition to the risks of falling and wandering, people experiencing dementia can easily access immediate medical attention for some physical problem. It is not unknown that older adults aging 80 years old and above may experience several illnesses. Having this home protection device with them wherever they go, they can live like a normal and healthy person.
So, investing medical alert system for your loved ones will drive them out of risky situations. No matter how tough it could be, you need to take care of your loved ones even if they are living under the care of skilled and trained caregivers. By doing so, you can prove to them that no matter how tough life can be, you care for them.