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GHS Fountain Inn Farmers Market
Vendor Application

Please complete the following application as a potential vendor for the 2017 Greenville Health System Fountain Inn Farmers Market.  We are excited to continue a great tradition with Fountain Inn, one of the finest market structures in the region.

Market Schedule:
Dates: Saturday April 29 - Saturday August 26, 2017 (18 Weeks)
*On five (5) dates, the Market will move to Main Street in Downtown Fountain Inn

Times: 8am-12pm

The Fountain Inn Farmers Market is operated under the direction of the City of Fountain Inn Economic Development Office. For information on the Market, please email The Market is located at the Fountain Inn Commerce Park Pavilion at 110 Depot Street.

There are five categories of vendors allowed to sell at the Fountain Inn Farmers Market:

  1. Local farmers certified by a local extension agent or market manager
  2. South Carolina Certified farmers.
  3. Vendors who purchase produce from South Carolina, North Carolina or Georgia Certified farmers.
  4. Greenville, Laurens, and Anderson County bakers and food vendors.
  5. Greenville, Laurens, and Anderson County Artisans and Crafters.

To be a vendor at the Fountain Inn Farmers Market you must be one of the above categories, complete and submit the online application.



$15.00 per day OR
$35.00 per month OR
$110.00 for the season


Paying for the month or season is the only way to reserve a particular stall.  If you pay for the season you will reserve the same spot for the entire season.  If you pay for the month you will reserve the same spot for the month.  If you only pay for the day you will be assigned one of the spots that we have left over. Payment for the stall is due by Noon on Friday, so we can set up the stall assignments. Payment is non-refundable.

The stalls under the Pavilion will be assigned giving local farmers first preference, certified farmers second preference, vendors selling certified produce third preference, bakers and food vendors fourth preference, and artisans and crafters last preference. All final stall assignments will be determined by management. Space will be limited to 18 stalls along the outside of the pavilion, 8 spaces in the middle, and 8 spaces outside. Priority will be given based on date of receiving completed application and payment.

Market Management is authorized to enforce all Rules and Regulations, collect fees and handle disputes and has the authority to remove poor quality produce from any table.

A list of products to be sold at the market with the origin of that product is to be on display at the vendor’s table while they are selling. If the origin of the produce is questioned, a site inspection may occur.

All vendors are required to provide their own displays and tables. Vendors located outside of the Pavilion are required to furnish their own table, tent and chairs.

Participants cannot begin setup until 7:00AM on Saturday mornings, or begin selling products before 8am. Vendors must remain on site until 12pm. Any vendor who leaves prior to the end of the market time without management approval may be excluded from future markets.

The area around the table must be barrier free. Any chairs must be kept behind tables at all times. Tables may not extend past the ceiling fan lines under the Pavilion.

Using the word Organic must be certified from Clemson University Extension Agent.

The Farmers Market is tobacco free and pet free - both are restricted under City Ordinance in Commerce Park.

No weapons are allowed at the Market, with or without CWP permit.

Food vendors must certify that the food items offered for sale in the Farmers Market have been prepared in a South Carolina DHEC or Department of Agriculture approved Kitchen. Vendor must attach a copy of a 2017 DHEC or Department of Agriculture certification and a list of the items they plan to sell during the 2016 season before they are allowed to sell at the market.

It is the responsibility of each vendor to know requirements for SC Sales Tax.

Participants in the WIC or Senior Citizen Coupon programs must abide by all rules of the program as set forth by the South Carolina Department of Agriculture, DHEC, and DSS. If SCDA, USDA, DHEC, or DSS take disciplinary action against a Participant, the Market Manager will review the information and determine what further action may be taken.

Individual vendors are responsible for obtaining all licenses and or permits required by DHEC, SCDA and any county or other state agencies.

Fountain Inn Farmers Market reserves the right to refuse acceptance of any vendor or item that is not in keeping with the quality of the Fountain Inn Farmers Market.

Only one vehicle per stall will be permitted, and must be turned off at all times after parking. No bad odors, foul signs or words will be allowed. The vehicle must be parked completely in the parking space without entering the street.

Vendors must furnish their own chairs, brooms, dustpans and garbage removal. Vendors are responsible for cleaning their stalls at the end of each market day. Garbage must be removed from the market. If a stall is left dirty, a $30.00 fine will be assessed and must be paid before the vendor will be allowed to participate inthe market again.

Venders may NOT sublet space. Fountain Inn Farmers Market retains the right to approve and facilitate all arrangements pertaining to market space. Assigned spaces may be given to vendors who participate on a regular basis and at the discretion of Market Management.

Each farmer is responsible for carrying liability insurance if desired. The City of Fountain Inn will require that the vendor signs an indemnity document to release the COFI of any liability of any vendor.  All food is to be presented in a clean and safe fashion for the protection of the customer by the selling vendor. The City of Fountain Inn will not be held responsible for any false claims or safety of products sold at the market.

All produce being sold that comes from someone else’s South Carolina, North Carolina & Georgia Certified farms must have a dated receipt with the amount and type of produce purchased. This produce must be clearly labeled with the farm’s name and location from which it was bought. Produce bought from a non-South Carolina, North Carolina & Georgia Certified farm is not allowed and must not be in sight from your stall.

The City of Fountain Inn reserves the right to amend, add to or delete these Rules and Regulations as necessary to carry out the operation of the City of Fountain Inn Farmers Market. Participants will be notified of any additions, deletions or amendments to the Rules and Regulations.

I hereby release, jointly and severally, the City of Fountain Inn Economic Development Department, the City of Fountain Inn, its officers, employees, agents, and staff members from any losses, claims, damages,or lawsuits arising from my use of the City of Fountain Inn Farmers Market by myself or my workers.

*Further - The City of Fountain Inn, its agents and employees, shall not be liable to me, or any other person on these premises, during the term of this Agreement, for injury to, damage to, or loss of, property or any person on these premises. I further agree to indemnify the City of Fountain Inn and hold them harmless from all damages, injuries, liabilities, losses, and expenses incurred by any person, or party, in any way, from my use of these premises. I also release the City of Fountain Inn and its agents and employees from all damages, injuries, liabilities, losses, and expenses incurred by myself in any way from the use of these premises and equipment. I also agree to indemnify the City of Fountain Inn against all costs, including attorney’s fees, arising out ofmy use of this property and these premises.