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The Yellow Pages are not entirely dead for roofing leads.

By now, it's painfully obviously that the competitive advantage of a big, fat Yellow Pages ad isn't what it used to be, but the Yellow Pages aren't dead yet -- especially in rural areas with the 55+ age demographic.

Twenty years ago, dominant roofing company marketing was basically a full-page ad in the Yellow Pages. If they took care of their customers, they didn't need any other type of advertising. Times have certainly changed, haven't they?

Smart Phones have taken over -- 3G, 4G, and LTE internet phone coverage is rapidly expanding. Even folks in rural areas are using the internet on their phones to help them make buying decisions. We all know that Google is the NEW Yellow Pages.

However, the 55+ target market is a sweet spot that can't be ignored for many roofing companies because so many in that age group live in nicer, more established neighborhoods. A good percentage still depend on their local Yellow Pages. In rural areas without high-speed internet access, having your name featured prominently in the phone book is a real nice plus.

But what about everybody else under the age of 55?

You have to look at your Return On Investment (ROI). In other words, how much money are you spending on that Yellow Pages ad in comparison to how much you're making back in profit?

If you only have $1,000, $2,000, or $3,000 a month to spend on advertising, do you want to spend it all on reaching the 55+ crowd in the rural markets around you?

It all comes down to the ROI, doesn't it? You want to make as much money as possible back on your advertising investment, but if you don't know exactly how much you're making, it is hard to make the investment, isn't it?

To solve this problem, the Yellow Pages sales reps came up with the idea of offering calling tracking phone numbers. They insert the call tracking number in your ad (replacing your company phone number) so they can track all of the phone calls that come from your Yellow Pages ad.

There's Only One Major Problem With This Brilliant Idea...

When they started tracking the phone calls, they started to notice that many advertisers were getting ZERO phone calls from their Yellow Pages ad. The proof was right there in Black & White: That $2,000 advertising was bringing back $0 in return.

Obviously, there were some advertisers who were getting phone calls, but then they had to ask themselves, "Is 5 or 6 phone calls a month worth my $2,000 advertising investment?"

Well, is it?

Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't. It all depends on how much money they made back, right?

If you're an attorney doing personal injury claims, there's a good chance you're going to make some decent money on those phone calls.

If you're delivering pizzas, it's going to take delivering a lot of pizzas before you break even on your monthly $2,000 investment.

What if you're using the Yellow Pages to generate roofing leads? 

If you get 5 or 6 roofing leads a month from $2,000 monthly invested in the Yellow Pages, and sell 3 (50%) of those leads, it might not be too bad.

Imagine if one of the 3 you sold was a leak repair. Another one was a 30 square laminated roof, and the third deal was an aluminum over cedar shake re-deck. That would be pretty good, wouldn't it?

What if all 3 of them are just busted pipe boots? Not so good, right?

If you're going to drop a couple thousand dollars a month on advertising, you want to be sure you're making back as much as possible, and if you're not, you want to invest that money somewhere else where you can make even more money.

That makes sense, doesn't it?

My roofing leads and optimization program is built on Google Advertising. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad or calls your phone number. Your advertising will only be seen in the towns or zip codes you want them to be see AND they will only be seen during the hours of day you want them to be seen.

Google is the NEW Yellow Pages.

Google got to where they are at today by making it easy for advertisers to spend money. Anybody can advertise with them. All you need is a credit card -- you don't even need a good website, or any website at all. They'll send your clicks to an online map of your business. They make it easy to take your money. Too easy!

Some folks call it "The Stupidity Tax."

Mike Coday Marketing

P.S. If you have a monthly advertising budget of at least $1,500 - $2,000, schedule your free consultation using the form above. We'll explore developing a professional lead generation program for your roofing company. I am only accepting one client for every city served by my roofing leads and optimization program. Once your city has been taken, it's gone for good.