Beauty & the Beast
Bio Submission Form

Cast and crew please use the form below to submit your bio for inclusion in the program, and other materials. Please refer to the examples below to write your bio using the same format. Bios should be no more than 150 words, written in the third person, and should focus primarily on your expereinces in the performing arts.

Example Bio:
Lauren Barkley
Verruca Salt
6th grade
Laruen is a 6th grader at Sacred Heart. She enjoys playing the piano and writing her own music. She is also an avid cross country runner and has national events. She has a littler brother Richard and a cat , Mr. Buttons.

Will Wade
Mr. Salt
8th grade
Will Wade is a Musically Talented Bright and Empathetic boy. He has been in one other SHS play but has been in numerous other plays outside of SHS. He is a Cofounder of PASL and enjoys good poetry, books movies, and music. His favorite singer is Layne Stanley and his favorite guitarist is David Gilmour. He plans on doing a play in Bellevue High.