Printed Names and/or Addresses

Some notes about this form:
  • You must order and pay for your printed names/addresses BEFORE submitting them to us please.
  • Once you submit this form to us, we will print the names/addresses straight away, no proof involved.
  • Please submit your names at the same time as you approve your invitations
  • We regret that any last minute names and addresses cannot be accommodated after you submit.
  • Invites> Generally on the invites you use first names of the guests only e.g. 'Jack & Jill', but if your wedding is very formal, use 'Mr. & Mrs. Jack Hill'.
  • Invites> It looks nice to use an ampersand (&) between couples names as opposed to 'and'.
  • Invites> If there are lots of kids in a family, too many to name, you can say 'Jack, Jill & Family' or 'The Hill Family'
  • Invites> Where possible find out the names of all your guests. If you want to leave it up to your guest to bring a plus one of his choice put 'Jack plus Guest'.
  • Addresses> Always use titles on the envelope, such as Mr. Mrs, Miss, Ms., Dr. and so on, even if you have chosen not to be so formal on the invite.
  • Addresses> Don't write out full first names, use their initial only e.g. 'Mr. & Mrs. J. Hill'. 
  • Addresses> Don't abbreviate words if possible, e.g. Road, not Rd., Avenue not Ave. and so on.
  • Addresses> Put a comma at the end of each line and a full stop after the last line. If you leave these out we will not put them in for you. Either way be consistent!