Breezey Masters Competition 2018
We are excited to announce the new format for 2018

Competitiors will produce 5 coffees in 8 minutes.
Each competitor will be required to present 4 set latte art patterens follewed by a free pour design of their choice.
1: Heart
2: Rosetta
3: Tulip
4: Swan
5: Free Pour
Each cup will be scored based on latte art with taste

Competitors will have to make a 1 x cold beverage featuring Almond Breeze Barista Blend in 5 minutes.
The cold beverage will need to be commercially viable avaible for a Café Menu and will be scored based on presentation, flavour & viability.

The overall Breezey Master title will be awarded to the competitior with the highest combind score. 

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