Consignment Agreement

Welcome to Divine Consign!

We are pleased you have decided to become part of our consignment family.

  • The consignment period is 60 days. Divine Consign’s markdown procedure is as follows
  • Your items remain the full selling price for three weeks (21 days);
  • After 21 days your items will be reduced by 20%
  • After 42 days your items will be reduced 40% : After 60 days items will be reduced by 60%
  • When an item is sold, you receive 50% of the selling price. The proceeds from the sale of your consignments will be kept in an account in your name. Only you or those authorized by you in writing will have access to the proceeds of your account. You can stop in and pick-up the cash proceeds of your account anytime or use your account as store credit toward the purchase of any other items. Upon request, Divine Consign will mail you a check (for account balances over $50.00). Any account with no activity for a period of one year will be available as account credit only.
  • Once accepted, all items must remain in the store and for sale for the 60 day consignment period. Items removed before the expiration of the 60 day consignment period are subject to a $50 early removal fee.
  • If you wish to retrieve any unsold items at the end of your 60 day consignment period you have 10 days to do so.  You may retrieve your items anytime during those 10 days but you MUST call ahead when picking up your items so that we have time to locate them for you. If you do not retrieve your items during the ten days, the items automatically become the property of Divine Consign who is authorized to dispose of the items as it wishes.
  • Divine Consign reserves the right to refuse to sell your items or remove your items from the sales floor any tine it deems appropriate. You will be coontacted and given an oppourtunity to retrieve your items. (10 days) 
  • It is impossible for Divine Consign to monitor the end of the consignment period for each piece in its showroom. As such, you are solely responsible for monitoring the consignment period for your items and will NOT be notified by Divine Consign when your consignment period ends.
  • Divine Consign will do its best to safeguard your items, but we are not responsible for damage or loss.
  • You warrant that you are the owner of any item you placed for consignment, and that the item is free of liens or other claims and is saleable.
  • A buyer’s fee (approximately 10% of the item’s base price) will be charged to the buyer of your items. You are not charged any fee and this fee does not affect your 50/50 portion of the base sale price. This fee is added to the price of the piece for our processing, basic cleaning, displaying, online advertising and selling and marketing your items to our customers.
  • Divine Consing reserves the right to refuse to sell or dicontinue selling you items for any reason. If this occurs, you will be informed and given an oppourtunity (10 days) to retrieve your items. 
  • Divine Consign bases pricing on supply and demand. It is in your interest as well as the interest of Divine Consign to get the highest possible profit on the sale of your item. You agree that Divine Consign has the final decision on pricing of any consigned item. You also understand that consigned items are subject to markdown or modification at any time by Divine Consign. If an item is deemed to be in need of extraordinary cleaning or repair, a consignor may be charged up to a $50 fee per item.
    • Divine Consign promises you:
  • That it will do its very best to sell your items quickly and for the best price possible;
  • That it will personally and promptly respond to any of your concerns;
  • That it will always be honest and straightforward with you;
  • We understand and appreciate that you have chosen Divine Consign as your consigning partner and such an honor deserves the best that Divine Consign and its staff can give you!

I have read the above terms and I agree with them: