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Fixie Bike: What Is It and What Are Its Advantages?

We have all witnessed the evolution of bicycles over the years. Nevertheless, there is a most recent trend in cycling based on fixed gear bicycles, which others refer to as fixie bikes. What are these bikes? These are bikes that have a single gear and are not meant for coasting, which means that when the wheels are moving, so will the pedals. Actually, the very first bikes that people used have fixed gears. However, these have been primarily used for track racing in these modern times.

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Racers go for this type of bike, because these move faster and gain momentum more quickly than those bicycles with multiple gears do. Now, the next question you might be asking yourself is, "How safe is a fixie?" Well, according to experts, this type of bike is very safe. Fixie bikes are no more dangerous than any other bike types. It's all a matter of how you discipline yourself to use one. However, these bikes can be quite dangerous for amateurs, as these don't have brakes. The only way to stop one is to lock the back wheel up and skid to a halt.

Do you have any idea why this particular type of bike is still popular even if it is only relatively safe to use? Well, you'll get your answer if you try to search online since here it is explained that this type of bike offers a rider more control over the speed of the bike. Hence, a rider can accelerate and decelerate quickly. With fixie bikes, riders claim that they feel more connected to the bike and the road, just as drivers who prefer stick shift cars to automatics feel. Even tricks are easier to do with fixed gear bicycles. In addition, fixed gears can go backwards and are generally easier to maneuver.

Another thing that sets fixed gear bikes apart from others is that fact that these are easier to maintain. Since these are equipped with only the most basic parts, you don't have to worry about more parts conking our in the end. Putting many miles on these bikes before having to replace the chains or wheels is also something riders can do with fixie bikes. With all these attributes of fixies, it's not surprising why these have grown in popularity over the years. Dangers are inherent, but as long as riders focus on their surroundings and take necessary precautions, biking is still the safest and healthiest hobby to pursue.

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