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Recurring Pain

The problems affecting the jaws or the muscles does not cease after a little time but takes several weeks or months, this should not be a hindrance to once attending to their daily activities. This TMJ pain dysfunction can get any person hence different ways have been outline on how to relief this pain in case it occurs at any specific time.

Some of the most common TMJ relief therapies include the following: Having a soft diet or blended foods which are very important since soft foods allows the jaws to be able to rest for a particular duration of time. Avoiding crunchy, hard and chewy food is important since they might bring a lot of pain when chewing them.

When it comes to eating food and one is faced with TMJ disorder, they should d not at any time stretch their mouth so as to accommodate hard foods of fruits which can lead to pain. Subjecting the painful muscles or jaws to moist heat, this heat can come from a heat pack or a bottle of hot water wrapped with a warm cloth or towel which helps in reducing the pain and to a larger extent improving on the function of the jaws and the muscles. When using this relief therapy one should take a lot of care so that they don't burn themselves using that heat from water. Uses of analgesics from over the counter, these analgesics are used by many people with TMJ disorder in order to help them have a short term release of the pain which they are going through.

These individuals are able to have some comfort from this pain that might be coming from the disorder. In case the pain becomes too much even after using the analgesics, one can visit their doctor so that they can be prescribed on stronger pain or anti-inflammatory medications which helps in relaxing the muscles and also help in easing the pain. Having regular jaw exercises is another relief therapy that can help in reducing the pain due to TM disorder. These exercises should be done in a slow manner where the jaws should be moved gently so as to help in increasing their mobility and also to help in healing of the particular joints. After these exercise, the health care provider or the physical therapist can help in evaluating the condition and also giving suggestions on the best appropriate exercise that one can involve themselves in or what the need is supposed to be.

Use of ice can also help in relief from TMJ pain since ice packs are able to decrease inflammation and also remove pain hence making it possible for the ice to promote healing on the particular jaws or muscles. The ice pack should not be placed directly on the skin and it should be kept while wrapped in a very clean cloth at the time of use. This ice pack should not be used for than 15 minutes since it might have some other negative effects. Relaxing facial muscles using different techniques can also be used as a therapy to help in reducing pain from TMJ disorder. One should try their best to have their lips relax and also to try and keep their teeth apart.