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Industrial Equipment

As we could determine from a questionnaire we conducted, the type or design of the forklift is the most importand thing to consider when buying forklifts, which are the most used industrial equipment in warehouses.

There are different types of forklift trucks which are available for the purpose of lifting heavy objects. These types include:

  1. Reach truck- this is a truck that is designed for small aisles and are electrically powered. They are named this because the forks extend to reach the road. It has two variants which are moving carriage commonly found in North America and those that move mast and are common in the rest of the world, safer is also their name. In North America there are many of this type of forklifts for sale.
  1. Hand pallet truck- this operates using the operator manual power and it is used to move loads and jack up.
  1. Internal combustion engine powered counter balanced forklift-   there are the most numerous of this which include; stand on center control, sit down center control, and the end control. The engine of the truck may be diesel, gasoline, kerosene, butane, propane and natural gas. The engine may either be two of four stroke ignition. Those that are made from North America have advanced emission control systems while those built for Russia and Iran has no emission control systems.
  1. Side loader- it has two forms only which are most numerous, they include sit down control and stand on end control. The truck can be electrically powered or it can be made in a way that it has a combustion engine. This engine may be made of kerosene, gasoline, butane or diesel. Some of them have  hybrid drivetrains which makes them better in the functions
  1. The walkie low lift truck which is a powered pallet truck and id usually electrically powered. The performance is high and it gives the best in operations.
  1. Articulated very narrow aisle counter balanced trucks which come mostly in stand on center control and sit down center control.  The truck may have an electric motor or an internal combustion engine though the electric motors are the most common ones.
  1. Rider order picking truck also called the order picker - it has some special toothed grab that holds he pallet to the forks. The operator hand in the truck is able to transfer the load one a time directly to the pallet. Using the rider is the most efficient way of picking less than pallet load shipments hence making the most popular in centers where there is a large distribution.
  1. Sod loader or the truck mounted forklift which is a sit down center control. It has internal combustion engines which are always diesel operated. Some of them are two stroke compression ignition, where most are four stroke and these happens to be the most common.
  1. Guided very Narrow aisle order picking truck- the operator wears a restraint system for the purpose of protection against the walls. The operator and the machine which operate the truck are kept in a cage where they are welded to the mast to avoid damages.

10. Fuel cell forklift which works for a full 8 hour an produces no local emissions. They are fuel cell powered forklifts for sale and are often used in refrigerated warehouse.