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You have just taken the first step on your journey to claim your FITT Body! It all starts with a decision, then taking action on that decision and YOU DID IT! I am so proud of you!

A few details:
- If you have not made an appointment yet, please do so by clicking this link, then come back and answer these questions.
- If you are not going to take the time to answer the questions right now, MAKE SURE you do it before our appointment.
-  If some of the questions simply do not apply to you that's okay too, but please take the time to read through them and answer as you see FITT ;).
- Also, you must click the "Get my FITT Body" button at the bottom of this when you are done with all the questions or it will NOT be submitted. If you don't have about 10 minutes now, then come back to this before our appointment, but it would be better for you to do it RIGHT NOW!

Why are you ready for YOUR fit body and better health?

Answer the questions below and click "Get my FITT Body" when you are done.  They can be as long as you want - really dig deep and think about this, it WILL have an impact on your results.  You need to get in touch with your feelings and how not being  healthy and fit has affected your life.  Then you can really start to do something about it and GET you FITT Body and have the level of health you want to have!